SF State Student Perspective

Did you know that 79% of students reported that the cost of materials causes them stress?


The Affordable Instructional Materials committee conducted a survey to ask SF State students about their experience with the cost of course materials. For more information about how you can help lower the cost of course materials and increase student success email: iteach@sfsu.edu.

The SF State Student Perspective

“Most of us are broke college students, obviously, and we need something that can help us save money and learn at the same time.”

“The text books are so expensive that I look to buy them online or elsewhere. If I didn't do that, I would be paying about what a full month’s rent check is, and financially I can't afford to do that.”

“Many students are barely paying tuition and rent on their own or they live with a family that holds a large burden with their child going to college. Resources to enhance students' education shall be accessible for all.”