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Affordable Learning Success Stories

Faculty success stories motivate us and your students. See how faculty like you are implementing Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) into their courses.

Saves Business Students
Saved English Students
Saved Astronomy Students

Experimental Films Enhanced Through New Sound technologies

Thanks to the AIM funds, students in CINE 730 were able to learn these new sound technologies through hands-on practice and apply them to their experimental films. Implementing AIM has proved to be a successful endeavor by the students' positive comments on the Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE) and their high performance on the coursework...”

Rosa Park, School of Cinema



Black and white image of faculty member Rosa Park using a piano keyboard

iLearn Centralizes Learning for Asian American Studies Students, Saving Them $4.5K per Year

My students don’t spend any money on materials for my course. Everything is on iLearn. Everything is integrated online and that’s wonderful for the students. I do think it takes time getting used to not having a textbook. That dialogic process of learning what’s not working for the students and what engages them visually, auditory, was a huge learning experience for me. It really helped me to improve my own pedagogy.”

Eric Pido, Asian American Studies




Digital Solutions Increases English Student Engagement and Saves $14K Per Semester

I asked students what I could do to enhance their learning environment, and their responses prompted me to move everything from paper to online ... so that I can continue to deliver a user-friendly and learning-oriented platform.”

Crystal Wong, Department of English Language and Literature




WebAssign Saves Physics and Astronomy Students $75K+ per Year

We switched to a digital package of a new e-textbook which will come bundled together with access to WebAssign. The cost is $125 for all three semesters of the sequence. If students need to repeat a course, they do not have to pay again.”

Weining Man and Joseph Barranco, Physics and Astronomy




GCOE Faculty Saves 150 Students $15K through Collaborative

I was inspired to make the course more affordable after receiving feedback form my students that the textbook was too expensive. Over the summer, I piloted free materials that I found online and I asked students what they thought about it. They really liked it and having that collaborative relationship in developing materials that work for you, your students and the course overall really worked.”

Janelle Rodl (née Lawson), Graduate College of Education