Immediate Access Highlights

San Francisco State University and the SFSU Bookstore have partnered with publishers to get students the lowest possible pricing for their course materials, which will be delivered directly through iLearn or Canvas prior to class start. Learn more about Immediate Access.

"As a first-generation college graduate and a member that serves the scholarship committee, I always know how difficult for students to balance their study and work and to pay off their tuitions."

—Lele Chen, Accounting Department

Headshot Lele Chen
"Students find it very easy to get registered and pay for the material because their student account is connected to Immediate Access through the bookstore."

Wei Huang, Accounting Department

Headshot Wei Huang
"Students perform better in class after I have adopted the AIM materials. Before I adopted AIM, many students missed reading and assignments during the first few weeks when they struggled to come up with the money for the book. These weeks are crucial because they build a foundation for the entire course. With AIM, students can focus on learning from the beginning of the semester since they have immediate access to the materials."

—Min Chen, Accounting Department

Headshot of Min Chen
"There is a lot of new information being given to students at the beginning of the semester, so simplifying the textbook buying experience is a plus for students. They are given access to the material immediately rather than after they purchase it."

—Joanne Sopt, Accounting Department